Balloon Gifting Best Practices

Balloon Gifting Best Practices

Sending surprise balloon gifts to friends and loved ones can be a thoughtful and creative way to show your appreciation or make their day special. However, it's important to follow some basic best practices to ensure that the gift is well-received and safe. In this blog post, we will discuss the key considerations when sending surprise balloon gifts.1. Make sure the recipient is aware of the gift:(When possible) Before sending any surprise gift, including balloons, it's essential to communicate with the recipient first. This can help avoid any misunderstandings or awkward situations. Ask the recipient if they would be comfortable receiving a surprise balloon gift, and offer an option to opt out if they prefer not to receive one. If you need help here please contact our team for assistance with coordinating your surprise. 

2. Choose appropriate balloons:When selecting balloons for a surprise gift, it's crucial to choose ones that are safe and suitable for the recipient. Avoid using balloons filled with air, as they can be difficult to handle and typically require set up by the recipient. Receiving these can be a hassle to receive and assemble especially if it's a surprise. Avoid sending Happy Birthday Letter Balloon Sets which are air filled only. 

3. Consider the occasion:Think about the occasion and the relationship you have with the recipient. For example, if it's a birthday or anniversary, you may want to choose balloons in festive colors or designs. If it's a more somber occasion, such as a funeral or memorial service, you may want to choose balloons in more subdued colors.

4. Understand and consider the size and quantity of the balloons you are sending:Sending a balloon surprise can be lots of fun but when a recipient is unprepared the wrong size and quantity can become overwhelming FAST! Try not to send too many balloons to someones workplace or balloons that are simply too large for the recipients living space. 

5. Provide clear instructions for our team to deliver:Believe it or not, even if you provide the recipients delivery address and contact number - our team may not be able to reach them when onsite for the delivery leading to a failed delivery attempt. The leading cause of this issue is not being able to access the recipients building or other security measures. Please arrange with concierge to receive the balloons.

Sending surprise balloon gifts can be a thoughtful and creative way to show your appreciation or make someone's day special. By following these best practices, you can ensure that the gift is well-received and safe. Remember to always communicate with the recipient beforehand, choose appropriate balloons, consider the occasion, add a personal touch, provide clear instructions, and respect the recipient's wishes. With these tips in mind, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your friends and loved ones.

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