BASHES. Safety + Sustainability

Unveiling Our Commitment to Consumer Education and Waste Reduction: Balloons with a Purpose. Explore our profound dedication to consumer education and waste reduction with our innovative product line: Balloons with a Purpose.

Our Commitment

Maintaining a safe and sustainable approach to balloon practices is of utmost importance. Our commitment to the environment allows us to continue indulging in the joy of balloons during our most cherished celebrations. It is essential that we prioritize the well-being of our environment and embrace responsible practices.


We will not sell balloons intended for release. To keep our skies, power lines, trees and animals safe - we do not support balloon releases.

2. Balloon Disposal Tips and education

We will offer more ways to teach customers how to properly dispose of used balloons. Or used balloons can always be returned to our warehouse for disposal.

3. Biodegradable Balloons

In 2024 we are changing the brands we work with to ensure all latex balloons are biodegradable.

4. No Loose Balloons - Always Weighted

Balloon weights are now required for all orders to prevent accidental release.

5. Buyback for reusable products

We are lowering our waste by reusing eligible products in exchange for a store credit.

Balloon + Party Safety

Safe use of our products at your celebration is always priority. Please prioritize these tips to ensure a safe environment when balloons or party supplies are present.

- Supervise children of all ages with balloons.


-Keep an eye out for popped balloons to avoid choking risks for small children and pets.

-Avoid using balloons near open flames or heaters to prevent fire hazards.