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BASHES. Signature Balloon Bundles + Packages

Join over 5000+ customers who have tried and loved BASHES Signature Balloon Bundles for their special events. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just want to add some pizzazz to your space, our specially designed bundles are here to make your event pop!

BASHES. Signature Balloon Bundles

Birthday Bundle

Helium Filled - Top Trending

$175 USD

Essential Latex Balloon Bundle

Helium Filled - Top Trending

$75 USD

Essential Number Bundle

Helium Filled - 2 Arrangement Styles

$52 USD

Rose Gold Balloon Bundle

Helium Filled - 2 Bundles Included

$110 USD

Little Confetti Bundle

Helium Filled - Custom Color Selection


Personalized Print Balloon

Helium Filled - Custom Text


Celebration Bundle

Helium Filled - Custom Text

$98 USD


Helium Filled - Metallic Ribbon

Cake & Confetti Bundle

Helium Filled - Great Gift Option

$76 USD

Organic Balloon Column

Air Filled - Custom Color Selection

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Organic Balloon Garland

Air Filled - Custom Design

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Unicorn Bundle

Helium Filled - Personalized

$115 USD


Fancy Feather Balloon

Helium Filled - Premium Feathers

$95 USD

Ultimate Birthday Balloon Package

Complete Package - Set Up Option

Starting at $350 USD

Ceiling Balloon Set

Helium Filled - Matching Ribbon

Starting at $100 USD

Confetti Bundle

Helium Filled - Unique Confetti Colors

$95 USD

Oversized Logo Balloon

Helium Filled - Custom Logo Print

$92 USD

Garden Party Balloon Set

Helium Filled - Unique Floral Tail

$150 USD

Wedding Bundle

Helium Filled - Custom Text

$185 USD

Birthday Star Bundle

Helium Filled - Custom Colors

$85 USD

Engagement Bundle

Helium Filled - Great Gift

$68 USD

Money Balloon

Helium Filled - Great Gift

$95 USD

Darling Butterfiles Bundle

Helium Filled - Custom Butterflies

$78 USD

Celebration Spill Package

Air Filled - Custom Design

$225 USD

For Year Round' Graduation Celebrations!

BASHES. Alma Mater Balloon

$82.00 USD

BASHES. Alma Mater Bundle

$175 USD

BASHES. Confetti Balloon Set

Starting at $75 USD

Create the perfect celebration scene with these Essentials.

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