BASHES. BASHES. Signature Number Balloon Bundle

BASHES. Signature Number Balloon Bundle


This bundle of classic number balloons from BASHES is the perfect addition to any birthday order. Crafted from premium mylar and featuring vibrant colors, these high-quality balloons are sure to brighten any special occasion. This classic number balloon bundle features 2 jumbo 40" number balloons in your desired number design. These balloons are guaranteed to last for weeks. Perfect for adding a special touch to any birthday party.

BASHES. Exclusive Signature Number Balloon Bundle Features: 

Helium Filled and Assembled 

Matching Balloon Ribbon 

Two Oversized Number Balloons 

1 Balloon Weight 

Return Balloon Weights

Get a $1 credit to your BASHES account for every balloon weight you return*. Use this credit on any future order. Schedule a drop off online and return your weights Monday - Sunday.


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