BASHES. BASHES. Signature Unicorn Bundle

BASHES. Signature Unicorn Bundle


This signature unicorn bundle from BASHES. offers the most unique assortment of 8 different styles and textures in one convenient package. Perfect for gifting for all ages, this bundle allows for a customized, personalized experience for each recipient. New features for 2023 make this an even more enjoyable and unique experience.

BASHES Exclusive Signature Unicorn Balloon Bundle Features:

One Rainbow Ombré Sphere Balloon

1 Holographic Gold Unicorn Shape Balloon 

1 Personalized Name Print 

8 Assorted Latex Balloons including Marble, Confetti and Chrome

2 Gold Mylar Round Balloons 

2 Plexi Unicorn Balloons

Alternating Balloon Ribbon 

Mini Tassels 

Balloon Treatment for Extended Float Time 

2 Balloon Weights 

Return Balloon Weights

Get a $1 credit to your BASHES account for every balloon weight you return*. Use this credit on any future order. Schedule a drop off online and return your weights Monday - Sunday.


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