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BASHES Signature Fancy Feathers Oversized Balloon


This luxurious balloon is an ideal addition to any event or gift! It contains one oversized balloon with a premium feather tail that is artfully designed and elegant. Boasting a diameter of 3 feet in size, the balloon is sure to draw attention and create an impressive visual effect. With an industry-leading 96-percent helium retention rate and long-lasting durability, this is a quality product. Great for bridal suites, birthdays and baby showers. 

Product Features: 

1 Fancy Feather Balloon Included (sold separately) 

Helium Filled 

7ft Premium Feather Tail 

2 Balloon Weights Included 

Balloon Treatment Included for Extended Float Time 

Custom Print Available - Please email our team to add a custom print to your balloon. 

    Balloon ColorPale Pink
    Feather ColorWhite

    Return Balloon Weights

    Get a $1 credit to your BASHES account for every balloon weight you return*. Use this credit on any future order. Schedule a drop off online and return your weights Monday - Sunday.


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