BASHES. BASHES. Signature Bridal Bundle

BASHES. Signature Wedding Bundle


BASHES signature wedding bundle is a stylish and unique way to celebrate your special day. With hand painted details, premium confetti balloons and luxurious ribbons, this bundle adds an elegant touch that will make your wedding day memorable. It's the perfect gift for couples who want to make an unforgettable statement. 

BASHES. Signature Wedding Bundle Features: 

One Pearl White Oversized Latex Balloon 

1 Pre Designed Gold Custom Print Text - choose from 4 options

8 Assorted Mini Latex Balloons 

1 Premium Mini Tassel 

2 Hand Painted Latex Balloons 

2 Premium Gold Confetti Balloons

Balloon Treatment for Extended Float Time 

3 Balloon Weights 

Return Balloon Weights

Get a $1 credit to your BASHES account for every balloon weight you return*. Use this credit on any future order. Schedule a drop off online and return your weights Monday - Sunday.


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