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BASHES. Essential Birthday Balloon Decor Set

Ultimate Birthday Balloon Package


This extensive birthday balloon package from BASHES is the perfect choice for decorating celebrations! It offers enough balloons to provide decoration for any space, with quick setup taking approximately 15 minutes. Professional decoration is also available!

Product Features: 

  • 1 Signature Oversized Balloon with Custom Name Print + Tassels 
  • 30 Helium Filled Mini Latex Balloons with Matching Ribbon (for ceiling) 
  • 30 Air Filled Mini Latex Balloons (for floor) 
  • 1 Signature Happy Birthday Balloon Set (Air Filled) 
  • 1 Confetti Cannon Or Mini Sparkler Set 
  • Balloon Treatment (extends balloon float time) 

Quick notes about this selection: 

  • Items arrive inflated and ready to place 
  • Set up is not included unless you choose set up option (additional fee) 
  • Some pieces are helium filled and some are air filled
  • Balloon treatment included for extended float time

Package can NOT be modified

Set Up OptionNo Set Up

Return Balloon Weights

Get a $1 credit to your BASHES account for every balloon weight you return*. Use this credit on any future order. Schedule a drop off online and return your weights Monday - Sunday.


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